“It’s official: Christmas is now just a few days away. The streets are decorated with beautiful lights, and the shops have bright, cheerful, and colorful displays. The air is a little bit colder, but the people feel definitely warmer, due to the incredible spirit of these holidays. John and Linda Trinckes came up with a catchy and fun release, especially for their holidays. The project is titled A Crazy Jazzy Christmas, and it is absolutely delightful. This is a perfect example of great musicianship, combined with high-quality entertainment, and happy, positive tones. This is exactly the kind of album I’ll be listening to come Christmas time! If you enjoy sophisticated, yet light-hearted jazz music, this one is definitely going to be right up your alley. John and Linda really captured their passion with beautiful performances. The music is exuberant and engaging, yet also deep and positive, inspiring the audience with a really unique feel. Like the best Christmas records, A Crazy Ja”
Stacy Zering – No Depression
“John and Linda Trinckes have lovely chemistry on new album. A strong personal bond is not the only thing that John and Linda Trinckes have in common: they also share a fantastic affinity for music, and they are kindred creative spirits. Their amazing chemistry really transpires beautifully on their most recent release project, “Just Cruisin with Jazz”. This is a sweet, warm and tastefully crafted effort which highlights the couple’s passion as well as their versatility and broad creative scope when it come to original compositions. ” Just Cruisin with Jazz” is particularly remarkable because it feels both innovative and traditional, combining old-school class with modern-day clarity. The lovely production allows for more room and space, giving off a sense of organic power, much like listening to these musicians as they would be performing to an audience. The intimate quality of these recordings elevate it among other smooth-jazz albums.”
Stacy Zering – JazzCorner News: